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review of India and Persia

Teacher: Mrs. Favorite
The one universal being. It is the source and final destination of everything
Serfs at the lowest position of society
The enlightened one founded by Siddhartha
Ancient city in Pakistan which had a city grid
Food grown for personal use, there is very little left over
Priests and teachers in the highest position of society
A lifelong social group
Major religion in India
Religion founded by Zoroaster. Belief in one supreme god and the enemy of evil
The state of pure goodness
Ancient city in Pakistan which disappeared suddenly
A major river in India
Large area of land separated from other land by water or other natural boundaries
The belief that after a person dies, he or she is reborn into a new life
Found on plain in Pakistan
The practice of clearing the mind
Ancient language of Aryans
Major religion that believes that all people can become purely good
Books of knowledge written by the Aryan