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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Luke 9-19

Teacher: Mr. David Bonnet
The nature of the journey is an urgency to speak the_____.
Scriptural “journey” image: firmly rooted in ______ Scriptures
Jesus exodus will take place in _________
A Lesson in the right use of wealth is grow rich for God; not for ______.
The lesson of mercy and forgiveness is told in the parables of the _____coin, ____ sheep, and the _____ son.
Visitor at midnight is about being _________ and perseverance in prayer
a person trying to “get somewhere with God”(2 wds)
During Luke's time ______ becoming a “world-wide” religion
“Where your treasure is; there also your ______ will be.”
Jesus tells the lawyer that being a neighbor you must act like the __________.
During Luke's time the _____ becoming more Gentile than Jewish
In Luke: we find ourselves invited to_______ the Lord of life on an exciting spiritual journey
Accepting the mission of Jesus means being like ______ among wolves
A Lesson in the right use of wealth is avoid ______ in all forms
Luke speaks of journey of the people of God, who are called to join _____ in journey
A Lesson in the right use of wealth is that wealth does not _______ life
Speaks of journey of Jesus as a new _____.
If one does not listen to the Lord, “______(2 wds)” can become being “anxious” (note what Jesus says to Martha)
Those on the journey are less secure than ______/birds
For Luke journey is a time of ______ for the disciples
The nature of the journey journey will involve _______.
Luke lived and wrote during a time of _______ and saw God’s saving history unfolding in a new light
Accepting the mission of Jesus means being completely dependent on _____.
a person “on the way”
“Ask and you will receive”; “____ and the door will be opened”