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Art I Eight Week Review

Teacher: Ms. Morelli
A free formed shape that is irregular and uneven
Element of Art that is a closed line.
Something that is special to one human being.
An object with three dimensions.
Pertaining to a certain group of people.
Blue, green and purple
A technique used to create space, such as one shape behind another.
An Element of Art that can be zigagged, curved and change directions.
An Element of art that looks the way it might feel to your touch.
A transparent paint that must use water in order to be effective.
World wide understanding.
The technique of painting watercolor over wax crayon.
The ability to notice the special qualities of an object using all of the senses.
A measured shape such as a circle or a square.
Something that stands for something else.
A way of arranging the Elements of Art to create visual interest.
An Element of Art that shows changes from dark tones to light tones.
An Element of Art that can be defined by warm and cool.
Red, yellow and orange
A Principle of Art used to make a composition more interesting. An example is changing the size of shapes.
An Element of Art that has negative areas and positive areas.