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Review Puzzle: Texas Revolution

Teacher: Mrs. OKay
Flag raised over Gonzales
Was made legal by the Texas Constitution of 1836
Wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence
Treat that ended the Texas Revolution
According to the movie, was Houston injured during the battle?
Site of the Convention of 1836
Selected as Ad Interim President
Francita Alvarez
Song played to the Texans by Santa Anna
First battle of the revolution
Month Santa Anna arrived in San Antonio
Surrendered San Antonio to the Texians in 1835
Day Fannin and his men were executed
Name given to the Texans by Santa Anna
How long was the battle of San Jacinto
Made governor at the Consultation
Month of the first battles
Led the attack in San Antonio
Issued "Victory or Death" letter
What were the "twin sisters"
Movement of civilians away from Santa Anna's army
Congressmen from Tennessee executed at the Alamo
Secretary at the Convention of 1836
Number of delegates at the Convention of 1836