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Social Studies Project

Teacher: R Holley
Laws that banned making or selling alcohol
A country under the control of a different country
Person who fought for women's right to vote
Temporary government
The process of resolving disputes between people by agreeing to accept the decision of a neutral party
The policy of using economic investment to protect U.S. interests abroad
The right of voters to place an issue on the ballot in a state election
Theodore Roosevelt's promised program of fair and equal treatment for all
A narrow strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land
An agreement to end fighting
Disorder and lawlessness caused by lack of effective government
A governmental official who investigates and combats business alliances formed to control competition and prices
The policy of extending a nation's rule over other territories and countries
The belief that a nation should stay out of the affairs of other nations
The right of voters to accept or reject laws
Section of a country in which a foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers
The practice of spreading a nation's territorial or economic control beyond its borders
Investigative reporters who exposed corruption
The right of voters to remove incompetent elected officials from office
A few large companies that control prices for an entire industry