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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

Civil War Crossword Puzzle: Cailyn Kusek
About how old was the average soldier during the Civil War?
How much money did white soldiers make?
What was abolished after the Civil War?
What battle in the Civil War had the most casualties?
____people died during the Civil War.
The _____ won the Civil War.
Which side had more men?
The Civil War was the ______ war ever fought on American soil.
Who is Clara Barton?
Which side had more weapons?
What was another name for the Civil War?
The Civil War started in ____.
The dead soldiers were _____ where they died.
How much money did black soldiers make?
The ______ states lost the Civil War.
The Civil War ended in ____.
How much of the U.S. population died during the Civil War?
How long did the Civil War last?
_______ was the President during the Civil War.
What is one of the reasons that started the Civil War?