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Spelling - Unit 18

Teacher: Mr. Barth
Performer who does tricks that seem impossible
Relationship between people who are very close
In a confident way; without a doubt
Telling someone you are happy for his/her success or good luck
Activity or process of making something ready
Reference book containing words in alphabetical order and their meanings
Lack of movement or activity especially when movement is wanted or needed
Any of the large bodies of water
Having or providing as much as is needed
To begin or create something that is meant to last a long time
Desire to be successful, powerful, or famous
Small, thin book that has pictures and information about a product, place, etc.
Opposite of tasteless or flavorless
Given the right to do something
Talking in an informal way
A medical doctor
Wanting to do something without waiting
Person who makes sure players follow the rules of a game
Solid residue left when material is thoroughly burned
Very large area of ice that moves slowly over a wide area of land