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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Vocabulary/Spelling Test

Teacher: Mommy
One who hates or tries to harm another. "Are you friend or ___?"
To lie or sit with arms and legs spread out. "Some nights I _____ in front of the tv set."
Something done successfully. "A perfect report card is quite an ___."
Closer to the end. relating to the second of two things discussed. "The first part of the book is better than the ____."
To get as ones own. "When did you _____ the ability to speak French so well?"
Happening in many places or to many people. "Interest in the lives of movie stars is _____."
To keep safe from injury or ruin. An area set aside for the protection of wildlife. "I signed a petition to ___ the wetlands."
Dulls a result of not changing in anyway. "Shelling peas is a _______ chore."
The cruel killing of many. "The village was the site of a bloody ____."
Having to do with health. free of dirt and germs. "In a factory, the area that produce computer parts must remain completely ____."
A discussion of reason for or against something. "The town council held a ___ on building the new library."
To show clearly. Something shown to the public. "We went to the diamond ____ at the museum."