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Google Sketch Up

Teacher: E Williams
X - Axis line color
Allows you to draw circles, rectangles, or polygons
Move, stretch, or copy an object
Allows you to see all the objects on the screen at once
When you look at drawings from the right
The view of a 3-dimensional figure looking from the front
The 2 colors used when drawing the right side view of the object
Erases a line
Calculates a distance from a line or point
Allows you to move around the object 360 degrees
Allows you to enter text into your drawing
Adds color to the object
Makes a 2D object 3D
Center of the circle to the edge
Starts always at the origin
Makes the object larger or smaller while maintaining proportion
Moves a shape a given distance from itself
The 2 colors used when drawing a top view of the object
Length of a circle from edge to edge
(0, 0, 0)
Y - Axis line color
Allows you to select a line, shape, or object for modifying
Allows you to make the object smaller or larger
The 2 colors used when drawing the front view of the object
Allows you to move the screen
Z - Axis line color
When you look at an object from directly above
Allows you to draw a semi circle around a given axis