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Teacher: Marlatt
Printing press made written information available to people
A wealthy person who supports artists
Made it easy to make the bible
Developed his own version of Protestantism
Was one of the most powerful leaders of the counter reformation
Improved travel
To speak out against or act against something
An explanation of how and why something happens
People who did not want to change the church
The revival of art, literature, and learning in europe
A person who is against the teaching of a church
English doctor discovered that the heart pumps blood throughout the body
The study of stars
To change for the better
Could see things you can not see with your eye
A person who makes statues
The bible books were written in this language
Practices of the catholic church was called the
People said it was Leonardo DA vinci
Made it easy to tell time
A weight hung so that it swings freely back and forth
A person who has learned much through study
A German monk became a leader among the reformers
Most famous works is the sculpture pieta
The society of jesus
First used the telescope to search the night sky
He painted the Mona Lisa
A concern with the needs and interests of human beings
Were scholars whose main interest was in human beings