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Virginia is for Mysteries II

Author: J.M. Morgan
Monica, residing in a house on Jefferson Street, has an insanely stressful job as a _____.
Trudy, a battered spouse, spits on Lucien's _____.
Sherri's favorite direction in "Coming Clean"
Name of red and green RV
Ring tone of a cat-loving, sweaty, smelly murder victim's phone
Murder weapon used by Dr. Keating in Colonial Williamsburg
Money from a bank robbery is found in a can of _____.
Object used for murder in the Virginia Wine Shop
Museum where three men are murdered
Taken from Alice's home in "Murder in the Name of Love"
Fourth-rate Richmond motel murder scene
Melody's "old friend" that will finally bring her peace
Caverns where blood drips from a stalactite
Susan's and Holly's favorite holiday
At Nimrod Hall, Sam Cecil asks Clara to call him this
Object hidden by Antonia in the Dismal Swamp
Binnie's detective skills are based on the Web and books about _____.
Caused death of an actor at the Barter Theatre
An English woman uses this instead of a map to connect with the past at Prestwould