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Past Tense verbs

Lisa McCordr: Lisa McCord
Plural past tense for (Be)
To be frightened
To have had something for a long time
To have had a disagreement
I____ all my money last week.
To have been in close quarters
The school ____down last year.
To have glued a picture to a book
Past tense for get
Singular past tense for (Be)
To be scared
To have created something.
To have not just liked someone or something
Have made a tape
To be a child who gets everything
The bicycle chain ______ last night.
To have stopped
Anne ____her backpack with many things including Kitty.
To have begun
Past tense for has
To bring something last month
I planned a _____party for my daughter
To be really surprised
To be disciplined
Mary _____the vase and it broke.
Past tense for say