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Easter's Empty Tomb

Author: Salsa
Raising from the dead. Easter celebrates Jesus' __
Morning (ab) or God calls Himself "I __ that I __"
Act. What I __ with Jesus now determines what He does with me later
Relocated. An angel __ the stone that sealed Jesus' tomb
Worldly. Set your mind on things above, not __ things. Colossians 3:2
Fabric. The disciples found only __ in Jesus' tomb. John 20:6
Fortifications. Jesus walked to His death through Jerusalem's __
Yours truly
Holy relic of Byzantium
Protect. Roman soldiers had to __ Jesus' tomb
Pumpkin or pecan pastry (not cow kind)
Day of the week Jesus rose from the dead
View. Kneeling B4 the cross helps U __ the Light
Chubby. Mardi Gras B4 Lent is __ Tuesday
Dye. It's fun to __ Easter eggs
Supreme. Jesus' death on the cross was the __ sacrifice!
# of gods that lead 2 heaven. John 14:6, Isaiah 43:11
Paradise. Obey the Risen Christ to go to __
Date chart. Easter is Passover on the Jewish __
Citizenship of soldiers who crucified Christ
Redeemer. 4 4ever 4giveness, ask Jesus 2 B your __. Acts 16:31
Savior. Your __ is the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 48:17
Everlasting. Jesus died to give us __ life. John 3:16
Shoved. Roman soldiers __ a spear in Jesus' side on the cross
Cancelled. Jesus' death on the cross __ my sin debt
Jesus' birth cuts history into BC & __
Grieving. Mary quit __ on Easter morning
Tomb. An angel at Jesus' __ said: He is risen! Matt.28:6
Dye or fry them on Easter
United States
Conquered. Jesus __ death & the devil on the cross
Not out. Go __ the Garden Tomb
Expiate. Jesus died on the cross to __ for my sins
Golf ball mount
Easter rabbit
Devotion. Some say this, not nails, held Jesus on the cross
Torn. When Jesus died the Temple veil was __ from top to bottom
An Easter bonnet is a __