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Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Jack Franklin
Make fun of customs and aspects of society
Plays that focus on human suffering
Talked against the ideals of Sophists. Sought truth and knowledge.
Sea traders, adopted learning and customs from the Minoans, and they ruled the Aegean world from 1400 B.C. to 1200 B.C.
Story written about the Trojan war
Those who take power by force
Studied illnesses and cures
Took over after his father's assassination. Started the Hellenistic culture
A hereditary, landholding elite help power
Son of Darius I sent an enormous army to conquer Greece
Created mathematical formula to calculate the relationship between the sides of a right triangles.
A hereditary ruler acts as a central power
Most famous student of Plato
Greek city-state and the surrounding countryside
Power is shared by a few wealthy elite
General who became the leader of Athens
Tell the story of Odysseus and his struggle to return to Greece after the Trojan War
Wrote about the Peloponnesian War based on his personal account of the war
High city, contained temples and sat on the top of a hill.
Governing power is help by the people, whether directly or through elected officials
Named after Minos the ancient king of Crete.
Student of Socrates. Set up a school called the "Academy"
The "Father of History"
Developed as a tactical formation consisting of heavily armed foot soldiers
Elected chief official in 594 B.C. in Athens
"lovers of wisdom"
Applied the laws of physics to create inventions
Developed the theory that the Sun was at the center of our universe
Most famous example of Greek architecture
Watercolor paintings done on wet plaster
Took the throne in 359 B.C. He buily a powerful army and conquered Greece.
Wrote the Illiad and Odyssey
5 elected officials who handled daily affairs