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The Story of Easter - Luke 24

Easter - Luke 24: Dr Sherry
Jesus rose from the dead on this day of the week.
Jesus rose from the dead on the___day after his crucifixion.
The women were very___when they saw the angel.
The___was rolled away from the tomb
It was very early in the___when they found Jesus had risen from the dead.
Jesus showed them his___and feet.
At first, they did not recognize___.
An___was the first to tell about Jesus rising from the dead.
She was one of the women who came to the tomb.
The women took___to the tomb.
___ran to the tomb when he heard what the women said.
The angel asked, "Why do you look for the___among the dead?"
The angel said, "He is not here, he has___!"
They gave Jesus a piece of___and he ate it.
Jesus appeared to two men going to___.
Jesus appeared and said, "___be with you."