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The Earth & Sun


Earth's revolution and _____ are the two main factors that cause the seasons to change.
Referring to the sun
Caused by Earth's rotation
When one object travels AROUND another
We live in the ___________ of Earth.
Earth is always _____.
_____change shape and direction as the position of the sun changes. They are also created by opaque objects blocking the sunlight.
Another word for revolve
An imaginary line between Earth's north and south pole on which Earth rotates
Earth is shaped like a ______.
Earth is the ______planet from the sun.
During the summer season the days are ______ , and the sun appears to rise the highest in the sky.
When the sun appears to move across the sky
The length of time it takes for the Earth to make a full revolution around the sun
When the northern hemisphere is tilted AWAY from the sun and is receiving less direct sunlight
Winter, spring, summer, autumn
When the northern hemisphere is tilted TOWARDS the sun and receiving more direct sunlight
The act of spinning
The ONLY star in our solar system
An object in the sky that generates its own light and energy