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Sociology Midterm Review

Mrs. Cerbone: Yvette Cerbone
Murder, rape, robbery
United States
Class owns the means of production.
Process by which knowledge and skills are learned for future roles.
The shift from being an independent adult to being dependent on others for physical or financial assistance
Marriage outside one’s own social category
The use of race alone as the criterion for deciding whether to stop and detain someone
Marriage within one’s own social category
An act committed that is forbidden or in violation of the laws of a governing society
Specific individuals, groups, and institutions that provide the situations in which socialization can occur
Fraud, tax evasion, toxic pollution
Movement is possible
Respect, honor, and recognition one receives from the rest of society
Movement within a social class
Movement is impossible
Movement between social classes
The situation that occurs when a person does not have a job but is actively seeking employment.
Period between the normal onset of puberty and the beginning of adulthood
Class sells their labor for wages
Any behavior that goes against the norm of a given society