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Lessons 16-20: Y as a vowel, Review "drop --e" rule, Suffixes --y and --ish

Spelling Mastery Level C - Lesson 51: Teacher: Gemma Keremedjiev
Town workers dug a ___ for the new, underground cable.
I ___ the old lightbulb with a fresh one.
The sweater was beige with a ___ trim.
It's both ___ and dangerous to jump into an icy river!
On the day of our picnic, it's predicted that skies will be ___.
It's a waste of energy to hold a ___ against someone else.
Your ___ in sending that "get well" card really lifted my spirits!
Morphograph that means "how something is"
Morphograph that means "the most"
___ behavior doesn't help you, and gives you a poor reputation.
Morphograph that means "more" or "one who"
Morphograph that means "like" or "related to"
What is the ___ of that line?
The ___ part of the movie was when the storm destroyed their special garden.
Our dog was quite ___ when we arrived home.
Be careful, you don't want to fall into that ___.
Go right ___ that door to get to the pool.
When I was a child, I had ___ ways, but now I'm grown up and think differently.
I can't believe I ate the ___ box of donuts!
We have to have indoor recess on ___ days.
My ___ has improved from regular workouts at the gym.
A laptop is quite ___, especially if you have a case for it.
Some people think pennies are ___, but if they had a million of them, they'd think differently!
We ___ the bread dough to fit the pan.
The ___ sound of the ocean was soothing.
It's impossible to draw a ___ line without a ruler.
They ___ eight fish at the lake.
We saw ___ seagulls at the shore.
Do you feel ___ after the long day?