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Trigonometry Vocabulary

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mallory
The horizontal length of one cycle.
An angle with a vertex at the center of a circle, and whose sides are radaii of the circle.
Two angles in standard position are this if they have the same terminal side.
Measure of a central angle that intercepts an arc with length equal to the radius of the circle.
1/sine; 1/y
Trigonometric equation that is true for all values of the values for which all expressions in the equation are defined.
The portion of the circle with endpoints on the sides of the central angle and remaining points within the interior of the angle.
Half the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the function.
Y-coordinate of the point; Opposite/Hypotenuse
1/cosine; 1/x
Relates the sines of the angles of a triangle to the lengths of their opposite sides.
A function that repeats a pattern of y-values at regular intervals
Each horizontal translation of certain periodic functions.
Relates the length of a side of any triangle to the measure of the opposite angle.
1/tangent; x/y
Has a radius of 1 unit and its center at the origin of the coordinate plane.
The other ray that is not the initial side.
Y-coordinate/x-coordinate; Opposite/Adjacent.
The vertex is at the origin and one ray is on the positive x-axis.
Horizontal line midway between the maximum and minimum values of a periodic function.
The ray on the x-axis.
One complete pattern.
X-coordinate of the point; Adjacent/Hypotenuse.