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Cell Use and Driving

A controlled driving simulator study found that drivers using cell phones had _______ reaction times than drivers with a .08 blood alcohol content, the legal intoxication limit.
Drivers talking on ______ or hands-free devices are four times more likely to be involved in an accident.
The phenomenon of looking but not seeing is called _________ blindness.
______ is Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Activity in the _______ lobe, the area of the brain that pr ocesses movement of visual images and is important for safe driving.
The National Safety Council estimates that people talking on cell phones while driving are involved in ________% of all traffic crashes in the U.S.
The average cost of a__________ damage crash in 2011 was $9100.
Driving and talking on a cell phone are two ________ tasks that involve many areas of the brain.
Drivers talking on cell phones can miss seeing up to ______% of their driving environments.
A 2008 study cited by the University of ______ found that drivers distracted by cell phones are more oblivious to changing traffic conditions because they are the only ones in the conversation aware of the road.