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Restraints in the Non-psych setting

Nurse Educator : Nancy Hassan
A ______Collection tool (form) needs to be filled out on all restraints, both violent and non-violent.
The MD must be notified of the use of non- violent restraint within ________ hours
Patient as well as staff need to _________, once the restraints have been removed.
________ is required of when the restraints begins, ends or a change in behavior.
What type of restraint order needs to be renewed every 4 hours?
The three types of restraints are: Physical, Seclusion & ____________
Non-violent restraint orders are renewed every _________________ hours.
Reassessment is required and documented every _______ minutes for violent restraint
Any patient who dies while in restraints, 24 hours after restraints removed or within one week (if restraints contributed to the death) must have a _________ report completed
__________ techniques are used to avoid violent restraints.
On the non - violent patient restraints need to be released, reassessed & documented every ____ hours