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Last Crossword Puzzle of the 9th Grade

Teacher: Ms Lander
To make things happen at the same time
Unknowing or unaware
Take away the importance of something
Not prepared ahead of time
To make an expressive gesture with arms or legs to show strong feeling or help make a point
To stop someone or something from being effective or harmful.
A strong feeling pf surprise or sudden disappointment that causes confusion
To have an expression on your face for a very short time which shows that you are embarrassed or in pain.
To trick or confuse
Not able to be wrong or make a mistake
To spread through all parts of something
Not secure
A natural ability to do something
Possibly true
Too powerful to be defeated or overcome
A great difference
The quality or state of staying alert especially to possible danger
Not intended or planned
To draw back or crouch down in fearful submission
To gain mental or emotional control of
Having unlimited knowledge or understanding
A small difference in meaning
A false idea or belief
To make someone very angry or annoyed
The ability to speak easily and smoothly
Extremely impressive in strength or excellence
To work long and hard
Showing or suggesting that future success is likely
About to happen
A set of beliefs that is taught or believed to be true
To get involved or in between
Narrow minded
Done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed
The traditions, achievements, or beliefs that are part of the history of a group or nation
Flexible in movement or thinking