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Six Names of English Contemporaries of William Shakespeare

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
His mother was heir to Queen Elizabeth I; he avoided most political problems by devoting himself to English cultural projects and he died in 1642, 26 years after Shakespeare.
The foremost Elizabethan playwright before Shakespeare who greatly influenced him. He was born in the same year as Shakespeare and it was only after his mysterious death in 1593 that Shakespeare himself became famous.
She lived and ruled England as its Monarch from 7 September, 1533, to 24 March, 1603. During her reign, Shakespeare became famous.
The son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a great-great-grandson of Henry VII, King of England & Lord of Ireland. He took power in 1603 and ruled for 22 years until 1625, four years after the American Pilgrims and nine years after Shakespeare had died in 1616.
He was a champion jouster and traveled widely throughout Italy and France. He was among the first to compose love poetry for Queen Elizabeth, & he was praised as a playwright, although none of his plays survives!
His work argued for the possibility of scientific knowledge based upon careful observation of events in nature. He also argued this could be achieved by use of a skeptical, methodical, & scientific approach to knowledge.