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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Do you know algebra words?

Puzzle Type: Educational
The standard deviation squared.
A math problem without an equal sign.
Ordered pair
The sum of the values divided by the number of terms in the data set.
A letter that holds the place of an unknown value.
A special relation with no repeating x-values.
______ variation. xy=k
All the x-values in a relation.
Put a value in the place of something it's equal to.
The order of operations.
Grouping symbols
Y=mx+b is the slope-________ form of a line.
A math problem that shows that one side is greater than or less than the other side.
The slant of a line.
________ variation. y=kx
______ the line on a coordinate plane.
______ line test.
The property that says anything multiplied by 1 equals itself.
A math problem with an equal sign.
Ax+By=C is the ______ form of a line.
All the y-values in a relation.
The property represented by: 2x=2x.
The property that says you can change the order when adding or subtracting.
The horizontal number line on a coordinate plane.