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MORE Virginia is for Mysteries II

Author: J.M. Morgan
An actor is killed by a plank in this celebrated playhouse in Abingdon.
When her life is threatened, a realtor defends herself with a bottle of _____.
A search of Charles Worthington's computer reveals an extra-marital affair and messages for procuring _____.
Transported in the trunk of a car, his body is left in the Mud Swamp
Susan returns at Halloween to the _____ where Holley fell to her death.
Melody returns to the James River to seek revenge, justice, and finally _____.
In the Great Dismal, Karen was killed by blunt trauma to the head and a(n) _____ through the heart.
New teacher Monica is haunted by a student wearing a shirt the color of a(n) _____.
Rosie is knocked unconscious when she is hit on the _____ by a freezer lid in her pie and coffee café.
Blood dripping from a stalactite was linked to a body discovered in a(n) _____, not a cavern.
A mystery writer/hotel housekeeper investigates a murder on a movie set at historic _____.
Allison Mitchell, a bike-riding strawberry-lover, works for the _____.
Tangled events lead to the death of a police officer pretending to be a(n) _____.
Douglas laments his demotion and the loss of the view of the neon star, his beacon, overlooking downtown _____.
The scent of _____ is associated with a killer in the Virginia Wine Shop.
Clara and Sam travel from Nimrod Hall to relax in the "healing waters" of _____.
After a reunion in a bookstore, Roger intends to blackmail Nancy with _____.
Tessing and Lettie's _____ of treasures is found in the cellar of the summerhouse at Prestwould Mansion.
While taking an archaeology course, Lauren unearths a(n) _____.