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A desert in Southern Israel.
An ancient leader of Israel who God used to lead the people out of slavery.
A body of salt water between Israel and Jordan.
A country north of Israel.
The name of a group of people who tried to destroy the Jewish people.
The people often live to be 80 years old.
The major river that flows through Israel.
The northern part of Israel.
The name for the land of Israel.
The size of Israel is 8019 square miles.
The Christian Savior that was born in Israel.
A freshwater lake in Northern Israel.
The capitol of Israel.
An official language of Israel.
A territory where Palestinian people live.
A country that gives Israel 500 million dollars a year.
People of Arab decent who live in the land of Palestine.
Muslims believe that this man went to heaven from Jerusalem.
An ancient city, occupied more than 11,000 years ago.
A language of Israel spoken by Arab people.