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5th Grade - Chapter 13 Forms of Matter and Energy

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
A new substance produced by a chemical change
The energy of any moving object
The strength of a base
A substance that tastes bitter and turns red litmus paper blue
A change of matter in size, shape, or state without any change in identity
A type of colloid in which one LIQUID is spread throughout another LIQUID
Another name for a chemical change
The scale that tells how acidic or basic a solution is
The transfer of heat through electromagnetic rays
The strength of an acid
The flow of heat through a liquid or a gas, causing hot parts to rise and cooler parts to sink
A special type of mixture in which the particles of one mixture are scattered through another and block the passage of light without settling out
A physical combination of two or more substances that are blended together without forming a new substance
Neither an acid or base
Stored energy
A type of colloid in which a SOLID is spread throughout a LIQUID
A mixture in which suspended particles can be easily seen
A change of matter that occurs when atoms link together in a new way, creating a new substance different from the original substance
An original substance at the beginning of a chemical reaction
The passing of heat through a material while the material itself stays in place
A substance such as litmus paper whose color changes when it is mixed with an acid or base
A type of colloid in which a GAS is spread throughout a LIQUID
A substance that tastes sour and turns blue litmus paper red
A mixture of substances that are blended so completely that the mixture looks the same everywhere
A type of colloid in which LIQUID DROPS OR SOLID PARTICLES are spread throughout a GAS