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Schedule Vocabulary

Teacher: Deborah
Get on something, such as a ship, train, bus, or airplane
When a person is working
The machine where employees swipe time cards. This machine is electronically connected to a computer which logs employee work hours.
Refers to the hours between midnight and noon
The department in a company where employee deal with pay checks, deductions, insurance etc.
Coming in (on bus schedule, plus refers to the buses going toward the downtown area or a city)
A card that an employee swipes to show when he/she starts and stops working
Something that costs less money than it normally would
Usually refers to a day where an employee works designated number of hours; and returns to work additional hours
How something is done
Leaving a place
Refers to the hours between noon and midnight
Getting to a place
Going out (on bus schedules, this refers to buses going away from the downtown area toward other parts of the city)