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Chapter 25 - Intro to Animals 729

Teacher: Mr. Kelley
A group of species that include a single common ancestor. (18.2)
Two of the five chordates with backbones. They start with "R" & "A" (2 words - plural)
Earthworms have flexible skeletons that function through the use of this. (2 words)
Name the type of skeleton a Charlotte Hornet has.
When you get cold you shiver to generate heat through ___ (2 words)
When animals eat they have to obtain this to survive
Name the 2 systems that wastes products go to in order to be removed from the body. (2 words)
A chordate with a backbone
At some point in their lives all chordates have this.
Sexual reproduction maintains genetic ____
Animals have to breathe in this to survive.
Name the system that is normally required to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout their bodies.
Asexual reproduction does not create diversity but increases ____
A trait that arose in the most common ancestor of a particular lineage and was passed along. (18.2) (2 words)
Generally speaking; they are multicellular, heterotrophic, eukaryotic and have no cell walls.
Negative feedback (2 words)
A long supporting rod that runs through the body just below the nerve cord.
An animal that lacks a backbone or a vertebral column.
The ability of keeping an organism's internal environment stable.
Name the type of a skeleton a hornet has.
Name the reptile that creates snalt. (2 words, singular)
Groups of organisms showing how evolutionary lines or lineages split from each other over time. (18.2)
What organ begins to die at the onset of a stroke?
This system responds to light, sound & chemicals.
The type of gametes that most animals produce
In order for muscle tissue to work is has to do this.
Fish have pharyngeal pouches that develop into this instead of lungs.