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6th Grade SS Review

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mrs. McCann
Limit placed on number of imports that may enter a country
Dry interior of the continent of Australia
Planned killing of a race of people
Clouds or rain that contain chemicals and cause environmental problems
Voluntary exchange of goods
Able to read and write
Can be used for farming
Division of labor;to become an expert at producing certain goods
One who takes a risk to start his own company
Limited supply of something
What you see of a single large rock sticking out of the earth
Ancestors were both European and Native American
Stopping trade with another country
King or Queen
Amount of goods available
Clearing the forest and using the land for other purposes
Native people of Australia
North American Free Trade Agreement
Spanish conqueror
Person who wants Quebec to be independent from Canada
Guerrilla group who supported improved living conditions for Mexicans
Tax on imports
Referring to cities
Goods purchased from another country
A foreign area controlled by another country