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To Kill a Mockingbird

Teacher: Jennifer Paschal
What did Scout already know how to do when she started school?
Mr. Cunningham had this; he would not take charity
Who did Jem, Scout and Dill constantly try to lure out of his house?
The first name of Tom Robinson's wife
Atticus's occupation
Mr. Deas first name
Miss Maudie made little ones for the kids
Jem and Scout went here with Calpurnia one Sunday
Miss ______ loves her flowers
Aunt Alexandra wants to get rid of this person who has always been a part of the Finches house-hold
The young woman's first name who is falsely accusing Tom of raping and beating her
Alexandra is the children's ______ (relationship to the children)
Jim's outspoken little sister
What Boo Radley quietly placed around Scout's shoulders while she was cold and watching Miss Maudie's house burn
Atticus makes it clear that Tom Robinson is this-another word for "not guilty"
The twelve who decide someone's fate
Tom's left _____ had been caught in a cotton gin when he was young
The name of Calpurnia's son
Scout's best friend and fiance'
Miss Maudie lost her house due to a _______
Jem's got caught on the fence
Atticus shot this mad animal as it was making its way down the street
The last name of the prosecuting attorney
Bob E. and Mayella's last name
The toy/instrument Jem used to chop the tops off of Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes
Used to plug up the tree hole
Mrs. _______ had a morphine addiction and Jem had to read to her every night for over a month
The sleepy town where the Finches live
Miss ________ was Scout's young, inexperienced teacher
What Zeebo did when he called the words of the songs out one "line" at a time
Jim and Scout's father
The first name of the man who loves black people and who is living with a black woman and has a family with her