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Accelerated Algebra 2 Definitions for Sequences and Series (Part One)

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Suzanne Owens
A set of numbers in a particular order or pattern.
Sum of the terms of an arithmetic sequence.
A sequence that continues without end.
Has an infinite number of terms
Each term is determined by one or more of the previous terms. The Fibonacci sequence is an example.
The sum of the first n terms and is denoted by S sub n.
Terms between two nonconsecutive terms of a geometric sequence.
The pattern that can be used to determine the coefficients of an expanded binomial (a+b)^n.
A series that has a sum.
When a sequence continues without end, the infinity symbol is placed above the sigma notation.
Each term is determined by adding a constant value to the previous term.
A special recursive sequence that is found in nature. Every term in the list of ancestors is the sum of the previous two terms.
Formed when the terms of a sequence are added.