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Accelerated Algebra 2 Definitons for Sequences and Series (Part Two)

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Suzanne Owens
A formula that allows direct computation of any term for a sequence a1, a2, a3, . . . , an, . . . .
Terms between two nonconsecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence.
A series that does not have a sum.
Each term is determined by multiplying a nonzero constant by the previous term.
The constant value that is added to each previous term in an arithmetic sequence.
Shorthand for the sum of a series.
The process of repeatedly composing a function with itself.
The sum of the terms of a geometric sequence.
Every term will be determine by one or more of the previous terms. the formula for the Fibonacci sequence is a recursive formula.
Contains a limited number of terms.
Nonzero constant that is multiplied by each previous term in a geometric sequence.
Each number in a sequence.