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Sort 30: Latin Roots

Teacher: Sarah Williamson
able to be carried from place to place
having an unnatural shape
a person who examines something carefully
folder holding papers, drawings, or any work
one who seeks opportunities for wealth
contemplation of something in the past
careful examination or scrutiny of something
a view or the way someone sees something
to fit in or be like something else
the establishment or creation of something
organizational plan
to change something greatly
one of the parts of a situation, idea, or problem
to send good or services to another country
one who watches an event
someone who writes for a paper or magazine
to bring products from a foreign location
an unusual sight or public display
move from one place to another
impressive and sensational
of great significance, value or authority
improve by using better methods
possibility, future outcome or potentiality
to help or promote the cause or interests of