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Science Ch. 10 review

Teacher: Bryant
Burrowing that causes blurred lines in the geologic column
Explosion where many fossils in the one layer
Dating used to determine the age of rock or fossil
A cross section of earth in layers
Fossils gradually appearing in the geologic column
When two oceanic plates pull apart.
When wind carries bits of sediment
An animal containing characteristics of two types...
Atoms of the same element that have different neutrons
A super continent believed to exist before the flood
Apelike animals that walked on two legs
The shape and structure of animals
Huge slabs in earth's lithosphere
Process to date the age of once living materials
Earth's outermost layer
The time it takes for one half of unstable isotopes to decay
No changes for a long period of time
Thin layers of deposits full of preserved fossils.
When two tectonic plates slide past each other
Middle section of earth