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A Beehive of Spelling Words Grade 5

Teacher: Taking Flight to Higher Heights
adj. having toxic chemicals, dangerous, harmful
adj. of no real importance
n. a supporting vertical post or pillar
n. surroundings and conditions of a place
n. a ceasing to be seen or exist
n. clear pieces of glass or minerals with facets (sides)
n. materials or things with mass
n. the way in which a word is enunciated
n. act of increasing an amount a set number of times
n. period of heavy summer rain in southern Asia
v. to lose or surrender
adj. close to, around
n. creamy dressing used on sandwiches and on salads
adj. being an equal distance apart, not crossing
n. the state of being aware
n. strong persistence or determination
n. a large group of instrumental musicians
n. negative or nonnegative whole numbers
adj. between spheres orbiting the same star
n. man made objects launched to orbit earth
v. sterilize with high heat
an act or instance of hindering or impeding
adv. without delay; promptly
n a white, semi-soft Italian cheese
adj. relating to cooking
v., adj. wrote the letters of a word incorrectly
n. queasiness and loss of appetite