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Famous Folks of the Civil War!

Teacher: Reese
Compromise of 1850 debater
African American public speaker (What to the Slave...)
Abolitionist who wrote throughout the war
Leader of East Union army
African tried for his freedom after being wrongly accused of being a slave
Union Comander in Chief, 18th president
Female who informed generals in Union army about Shenandoah Army
Slave who led deadly rebellion with 50 deaths
President of the Confederacy
Famous for Red Cross for Union
Abolitionist, a author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Leader who helped Union get Mississippi River
Lincoln's killer
President of the USA, against slavery
Female organized military nurses
Female who fought in first battle of Bull Run
Newspaper Abolitionist who wrote throughout the war
6th president, Treaty of Ghent
"Moses" of Underground Railroad
General in Confederate army, earned famous nickname
Confederate War General