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Heart Education

Teacher: Mrs. Jadin
Which main artery does the blood exit the heart through?
Which structures carry blood towards the heart?
The PACER is a measure or your Cardiovascular __________.
Cardiovascular Endurance means how ____ your heart can do something.
Does the blood go through the right or the left side of the heart first?
Doing 5 weighted push-ups would help to improve your muscular _______
If you were stretching, which one of the health related fitness components would you be working on?
Heart rate is measured in Beat per ________.
An example of exercise for __________ Endurance would be 25 push-ups
How many chambers are in the heart?
Which part of the heart does the blood flow through first, Atrium or Ventricle?
How many health related fitness components are there?
When the heart ___________, it pushes the blood from one compartment to another
Where does the blood go to get oxygenated?
Your heart is the size of your ____.
Which structures carry blood away from the heart?