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ESL 2 Review Crossword

Teacher: Sherry Slovick
A car that someone else has owned before you bought it
Train that runs underground
Ask someone about their job
The paper a renter signs promising to pay a certain amount of rent on a certain day.
Guess -often about how much money something will cost
Device that takes you to a higher floor than you are already on
Describing a place that is quite near to you.
Place that is open for long hours where you might buy aspirin or gum or soda.
Response when someone says thank you.
Measures temperature
Question word used when you want to know at what time.
Something that alerts you to a possible problem
To add gasoline until the tank can hold no more
To leave something
Place where you catch a bus
The area surrounding a particular place
Large grocery store
Question you ask when you want to know about the weather
The question word you use when you want to know in which place
The money a renter leaves with the landlord so the landlord can be sure the rent is paid and the apartment is well taken care of.
Close to
The question word you use when you want to know the answer to "in what way"
To fix something that is broken
Pedal you push to stop the car