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The Renaissance/Reformation Vocabulary

Teacher: Mrs. Conley
An artistic technique used to give drawings and paintings a three-dimensional effect.
Theory that the sun was the center of the universe. (proven with the telescope)
The country in Western Europe where the Renaissance began.
During the counter reformation, Spain sought to unify the nation under one CATHOLIC faith. Anyone who was suspected of not being a "true" catholic was tried as a heretic and punished or killed.
A wealthy family in Florence Italy who supported the renaissance movement.
A protest movement led by Martin Luther to end the corruptions he saw in the Roman Catholic Church.
A "ticket" for salvation that was sold by the Roman Catholic Church.
Theory that the earth was the center of the universe. (supported by the Catholic Church)
An intellectual movement at the heart of the Italian Renaissance that focused on secular ideas rather than on religious issues.
The scientific method should be used to answer questions rather than uneducated and/or religious theories.
Wealthy individuals who supported artists of the Renaissance financially.
Invented by Johann Gutenberg, it was a machine modeled after Chinese block printing that replaced copying books by hand.
A German monk who started the protestant reformation.
Local everyday languages. Ex: Luther's Bible was written in German.
The rebirth/revival of culture to Western Europe.
Martin Luther nailed his 95 _________ (list of complaints) about the Roman Catholic Church to a church door in Wittenberg Germany.