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Adam of the Road

Adam played the _____ while speaking to the young squire.
The challenge that must be overcome or the problem that must be solved in a story
Medieval entertainer
Adam's spaniel
One of the skill of a minstrel
Nobleman trained for fighting
Home of the monks
Adam _____ himself in the carriage.
Morning prayers
"Green _____ ripen in time."
"A bell clanged with a hearty cheerful sound, and at once the dormitory was full of arms and legs as twenty boys jumped or rolled or were dragged out of bed" is an example of _____
The series of events in a story
Built the road to London
Home to a minstrel
Destination of the deLisle family
A road is a _____ of a journey in many works of literature.
Special treat to eat that Roger brought from France
Minstrel to Sir Edmund deLisle
Transportation for a nobleman's familly
Adam's schoolmate
Setting of the novel
Longer work of fiction
Author of Adam of the Road
Novel's protagonist
""She has the sunset in her hair" is an example of _____.
Time and place where any story is set
"You sound as doleful as a hen in the snow" is an example of _____.
Roger's horse
The main idea that an author wants to convey.