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Cell Organelles

Teacher: Maker
Small, round sacs that contain digestive enzymes, their job is to break down waste materials.
The large oval shaped structure in the center of a cell, controls all cell activities - it is the control center.
Controls movement of materials into and out of the cell, it is elastic and flexible and allows some things in while keeping other things out.
A maze of clear, tube like passageways that help transport/carry materials throughout the cell.
Means "little organ", the parts of a cell.
This organelle looks like flattened tubes stacked on top of each other, they receive materials and then package them to send out to other parts of the cell.
The scientific theory which states the cell is the basic unit of life, all organisms are made of cells and cells can only come from other cells.
The jellylike fluid substance that all the cell organelles are found in.
Organisms made of only one cell, an example is a bacteria.
These large, round water filled sacs store water, food and wastes.
The stiff outer layer of a plant cell, it provides support and protects the cell.
They look like a jelly bean (rod shaped), called the "powerhouse" of the cell as it provides all the energy.
Term used to to describe an organism made of many cells like a dog.
Tiny, grain like organelles that make proteins.
Large green structures that contain chlorophyll, their job is to capture sunlight and use it to make food.