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Theology ch 4 "Gospel"

Teacher: Terry McCown
Deliverance from oppression or emancipation from slavery; specifically, deliverance and emancipation from sin through Christ.
Divine rescue from sin and/or its associated results or effects; sometimes also related to deliverance from political or social oppression.
The doctrine of or teaching about the basis and nature of salvation.
A trespass of divine law and/or a deviation from the divinely ordained moral order
The present divine consideration of a person as righteous on the basis of the atonement of Christin his crucifixion; or the ongoing process of being made righteous in practice on the same basis
The return to bodily life after being dead; or more technically, such a return to bodily life in a transformed existence
A Christian ritual meal related to the Jewish Passover, focused on eating bread as the broken body of Jesus and drinking wine as the shed blood of Jesus,
A ritual using water, often through full immersion, which initiates the person into a religious com-munity and/or is performed in relation to the forgiveness of their sins.
The Christian message of salvation about Jesus crucified and resurrected, or the historical events underlying this theological interpretation
The condition of being and/or living as one should within the context of a covenant relation-ship.
A formal agreement between two parties outlining the responsibilities and privileges of their relationship.
stories of the Jewish Scriptures to create an ornate tapestry of “good news"
. Adherence to and/or dependence upon a person or idea;
A statement of religious belief, often in a memorable, formulaic arrangement.
"envoy." Any person sent as a representative of the sender or sending group, e.g., a specific church;