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Revolutionary War Terms 1

Teacher: Taking Flight to Higher Heights
the legislative body of Great Britain; it has two Houses and is similar to the U.S. Congress
American colonists who wanted their independence from Great Britain
a person who supported British rule over the American colonies
money paid to the government that is used to pay for public services
completely unacceptable or unbearable
trade good brought into a country
a killing of a large number of people, especially in a cruel way
a person who fights against the government of their country; a person who opposes authority
exaggerated or false statements made to gain support for a political leader or position;
a tax on imports
a person chosen or elected to represent the views of a group of people
a person who was not a professional soldier, but who was ready to fight immediately when needed
a tax that is paid on good coming into or going out of a country
freedom to live as you choose without restrictions from the government or another authority
to cancel a law
a formal meeting or series of meetings where representatives from different groups discuss ideas and make decisions
a group of people who have the military training to act as an army, but who are not professional soldiers