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Traits do not change over generations
Genetic drift occurs after small number colonize new area
Genetic drift that results from an event that drastically reduces for small populations
One species evolves and gives rise to descendent species
Isolation between populations due to physical barriers
Final stage of members of the isolate population
Gene pool
Two or more species
Isolations between populations due to barriers
Mate of opposite sex and compete with same sex
Elimination of a species from earth
Uncommon phenotype is selected over more common phenotype
Speciation evolutionary change
Difference in courtship or muting behavior
Alleles in population
Trace of an organism from the past
Observable change in allele frequency of population
Change alone in small populations
Frequency high at mean range and decreases at end
Physical movement of alleles from population to population
Evolution of one or more closely related species in different species
Natural selection which genetic diversity decreases
Study of fossils or extinct organisms
Two opposite but equally uncommon are selected over common phenotype
Two or more species from one ancestral species
Group of organisms similar to one another that can breed and produce