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Life Science Vocabulary

Teacher: Wilkerson
Body covering that allows an animal to blend in with its environment
An organism that can create its own food
A consumer that eats plants and animals
A consumer that eats only animals
Big change insects go through that only has 3 stages
Behaviors that animals are born knowing how to do
To create offspring
Characteristics passed down from parents of offspring
Species that no longer live on earth
Consumer that eats only plants
Big change that insects go through for 4 stages
State of inactivity for an extended period of time
A behavior or physical trait that helps an animal survive
Amount of time between birth and death
An animal that only eats dead animals
Living and nonliving things in a particular area
Shedding skin or exoskeleton
The specific place in which an organism lives
A period of inactivity by a plant
Organisms that have similar characteristics and can reproduce to create offspring
Organism that must eat to get energy
Movement of animals from one place to another