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In the Heart of the Sea

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Ms. Stacey
Everyone on deck to help
The left side of ship
Union of two ropes
This is where the main steering mechanism is on a ship
Taking down all sails
The crew of the ship
Right side of ship facing forward
Small boat for rescuing people in distress
A signal (usually a light) for ships to see shore
A distance wide enough for vessels to turn
To hit the bottom of the ocean
To move through the water
Commander of a ship
A sudden storm or sustained wind gust
Large upright post on ship which sails are tied to
Pull up the anchor a prepare for moving
A person unfamiliar with the sea.
Back part of ship
Front of ship
To move rhythmically back and forth
A distance of 6 feet
System of ropes and cables or chain for sailing.