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land and sea animals

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mr. G
Glossy black bird, about 2 ft. long and lives in northern regions
Large burrowing African mammal with long sticky tongue used to catch ants
Reddish brown wild dog of australia
Large antelope from N Africa
Arachnid, having elongated body, narrow tail with venomous sting
Smallish tusked boar, also called peccary, found in americas
Extremely large rays, living in warm waters, swims like a bird flies
Large swift bird of New Guinea
Wild sheep of North Africa
Asian ox with large fleshy hump
Shaggy-furred flesheating mammal of northern climes, noted for its exceptional strength and intelligence
Tall hunting dog, with long hair
Weasel with white coat
Large sea bird with webbed feet
Brilliantly colored spiny finned fish from warm waters
Nearly extinct European bison (Germany)
Resembles a crocodile, but with shorter and broader snout
Large long haired wild or domesticated ox of central asia
Antelope from East Africa, stands straight up to eat high leaves (6-8 ft high)
Large hooved mammal, related to the horse, with flexible snout
Large edible marine crustaceans with big red claws
Spiny-coated toothless burrowing egg-laying mammal from Australia
African wild pig, with large protruding tusks
Sturdy burrowing mammal in northern hemisphere
Small nocturnal mammal, encased in bony plates
Grayish brown wild sheep of mountainous western north america
Mammal from peru, with fine woolly hair, related to llama
Very large south American snake
Large cat of tropical America, bigger than a leopard
Fish eating diving bird w/ webbed feet
Small rodent related to muskrats, resembles stock mice
Breed of domestic goat, raised for long silky hair
Very large south American vulture with head and neck featherless
Aquatic egg-laying mammal of Australia, bill like a duck, webbed feet and broad tail
Fast indian mammal ,size of ferret, eats snakes
Small insect and plant eating marsupial of Australia
Segmented invertebrate with long body cavity
Insect eating mammal with long spines, able to roll up in a ball
Herons that have long plumes during breeding season
Wild goat living in high mountains of Europe, w/ long curved horns
Australian marsupial with large hairy ears, no tail and lives in the eucalyptus tree
Flightless bird of new zealand
Thickset short necked diving seabird op northern hemishpere
Type of hawk
Stork with large show shaped bill,blue feathers, from africa
Aquatic long-legged and long-necked bird, rosy white plumage with scarlet tips
Whale with enormous horn extending from its head, lives in artic sseas
Smallish white whale w/horn
Slow moving mammal of south/central America, lives in trees and hangs upside down