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Force, Motion, Energy, Matter 2

Teacher: Wilkerson
A component of a mixture
The temperature at which a solid turns to a liquid
Unit of measure for temperature
A tool used to separate smaller particles from larger particles
Used to measure mass
Bouncing back of light waves off a surface
Small pieces of iron
How how or cold something is; a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in matter
To take apart
The same in composition, as in a mixture in which the solute is evenly distributed throughout the solvent
A force that works against a motion
Unit of measure used for volume
Bending of light waves as they pass through on medium to another
A tool used to measure temperature in degrees
The substance which is dissolved in the solvent, such as salt or sugar
A property that can be observed, measured, or changed without changing the substance itself
A mixture with one substance spread out so evenly in another substance that you cannot tell the two substances apart
A tool used to measure weight, the force of gravity pulling on ab object
In a solution, the part of the mixture in which other substances are dissolved
To mix completely with another substance to form a solution
The temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas
The process by which a liquid changes to a gas
The pulling force of a magnet; capable of being attracted by or acquiring the properties of a magnet
Unit of measure used for mass
The force that pulls objects toward one another
A push or a pull