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Unit 5: The Civil War

The Battle of ____ (1876): gold was discovered on Sioux land, and the Indians tried to defend it from the US
The government set aside land for _____ in fear of overdevelopment in the West
Caused thousands of people to travel the Oregon Trail, seeking new economic opportunities in the Willamette valley
The start of insurrection; Lincoln sent unarmed supply ships, the South fired on April 12, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina seceded.
McClellan stopped Lee but he was removed from command for not pursuing him
A tribe of northern Plains Indians who acquired European weapons-but never contracted their diseases-and went on to dominate the central and northern Plains
January 1, 1863, Lincoln signs and all slaves in the Union are freed
Elected in 1856, a Democrat
The system of segregation
The US government tried to arrest Sitting Bull, but the incident ended with dead policeman and a dead Sitting Bull; police brought the remaining 350 Sioux to Wounded Knee Creek, but the Indians refuse to give up their weapons, and 300 Indians were slaughtered
Proposed by David Wilmot; would have forbidden slavery in land taken from Mexico, but it did not pass in the Senate
Lead to a stable labor supply, with a work contract; idle blacks were forced to work; much like slavery
All of the nation's resources mobilized to the military effort
April 14, 1865, at Ford's Theater, he died at the pinnacle of his fame
Elected in 1852, a Democrat
Act to Americanize Native Americans; this broke up reservations and distributed land to the Indians, and granted citizenship to Indians after 25 years on the land
Secretary of State William Seward negotiated the _____ with China to ensure rights for US missionaries in China and terms for emigration of Chinese laborers to the US
Mexican ranchers who mostly populated California
Prevented blacks from voting via terror, violence, and trickery